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The American pulpit series...

Book 1-

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Format: Book
Language: English
Published: New York, Abingdon-Cokesbury 1945
Subjects: Sermons, American.
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Table of Contents:
  • v.1AnAngel in the Sun /Harold Cooke Phillips
  • v.1TheConquest of Time /Joseph Ford Newton
  • v.1.Our God is Able /Basil Miller
  • v.1TheBlundering Builders /Clovis G. Chappell
  • v.1AChristian's Relation to His God /A. R. Clippinger
  • v.1TheEternalness of the Christ /Samuel L. Joekel
  • v.1.Overflowing Mercy /Abdel Ross Wentz
  • v.1APeople Shall Be Created /John S. Stammv.2ARemembered Word of the Lord Jesus /Raymond Calkins
  • v.2TheConqueror from Calvary /Clarence E. MaCartney
  • v.2.If I Sat Where They Sit /Edgar DeWitt Jones
  • v.2TheMirror /Lloyd C. Douglas
  • v.2.Always Pray /Teunis E. Gouwens
  • v.2TheChurch Faces This Year of Crisis /E. Stanley Jones
  • v.2TheUltimate Question /Theodore F. Adams
  • v.2.Beyond the Disconerting Facts /Bernard Iddings Bellv.3TheBlind Beggar /George A. Buttrick
  • v.3.How Much Do We Care? /G. Ray Jordan
  • v.3TheHome Beautiful /Frederick R. Daries
  • v.3TheDeeper Remedy /Justin Wroe Nixon
  • v.3.In the Hands of God /Ernest Fremont Tittle
  • v.3.Life Never Says Please /Paul E. Scherer
  • v.3.Justice and Free Grace /Elbert Russell
  • v.3.Finding Jesus /Walter Pope Binns
  • v.4.On Being Responsible /J. Harry Cotton
  • v.4.What Is "More than a Prophet"? /Edwin McNeill Poteat
  • v.4.Ways of Life /George W. Richards
  • v.4.Creative Freedom /Lynn Harold Hough
  • v.4.In Life's Storms /John L. Hill
  • v.4.What is God Doing Now? /Walter Marshall Horton
  • v.4.Life's Enriching Compulsions /William Orlando Carrington
  • v.4.My Brother's Keeper /John A. Mackayv.5.Humanity's Shortest, Wisest Creed /Albert W. Palmer
  • v.5.This is the Answer /Henry Irving Rasmus
  • v.5.God and Man's Need /Stuart R. Oglesby
  • v.5.What Do We Get out of Prayer? /John M. Versteeg
  • v.5.Can We Love Our Enemies Now? /Clyde V. Hickerson
  • v.5TheDimensions of the Christian Life /Elmer George Homrighausen
  • v.5ADogged Faith /Frank B. Fagerburg
  • v.5.tAs We Behold His Glory /Laurence H. Howev.6.We Beheld His Glory /Roy L. Smith
  • v.6.This Is Life Eternal /J. V. Moldenhawer
  • v.6.Christianity's Message to the Modern World Good Tidings . . .to All People /James Gordon Gilkey
  • v.6.Crisis-A Time of Opportunity /Paul W. Quillian
  • v.6.We Have the Solution /Edward Hughes Pruden
  • v.6.Courage Without Hate /Oscar F. Blackwelder
  • v.6TheNazareth Program /Stanley A. Hunter
  • v.6TheFirst-Century Church-Its Missionary Passion /Stephen J. Coreyv.7AnX-Ray Examination /Albert E. Day
  • v.7Life as Pilgrimage /Henry P. Van Dusen
  • v.7ThePetition of Christian Optimists /W. E. McMulloch
  • v.7.Vialiant Behavior /Henry Hitt Crane
  • v.7TheInner Life of the Church /Douglas Horton
  • v.7.Jesus the Efficiency Expert /Glenn Clark
  • v.7A.Time To Be Teachable /Hampton Adams
  • v.7.Christ the Co-ordinator /Ralph W. Sockmanv.8TheLost Sense of Wonder /Joseph R. Sizoo
  • v.8.Does Prayer Make Any Difference? /Alonzo Willard Fortune
  • v.8.Stay Through /Daniel A. Poling
  • v.8.Beyond the Old Frontiers /Rufus M. Jones
  • v.8."Blessed Is the Man That. . . " /Richard C. Raines
  • v.8TheGospel in the Rainbow /Andrew W. Blackwood
  • v.8TheArt of Reconciling Men /Allan A. Hunter
  • v.8.Jesus Christ Is Lord /Ralph S. Cushmanv.9.Living the Rest of Your Life /Frank B. Fagerburg
  • v.9TheDoer of Good /Joseph Fort Newton
  • v.9APure Heart /A. R. Clippinger
  • v.9.Contrasted Results from Life's Trials /Frederick William Burnham
  • v.9.Sleeping Through a Revolution /Halford E. Luccock
  • v.9TheWay of Peace /John S. Stamm
  • v.9.Unvilling Missionaries /J. Wallace Hamilton
  • v.9.We the People /William M. Elliot, Jr.v.10.God's Care for the Individual /Ernest Fremont Tittle
  • v.10.In the Face of Fear /Louie D. Newton
  • v.10TheAche of the Soul /Lloyd Ellis Foster
  • v.10.Make Friends Wisely /Edwin McNeill Poteat
  • v.10.Redemptive Suffering /George W. Richards
  • v.10.Your Unknown Self /Clarence E. MaCartney
  • v.10."Never Shall the Cross Forsake Me" /Morris Wee
  • v.10.Preparing for a New Life /George C. Vincentv.11.It Is by Grace. . . /Henry P. Van Dusen
  • v.11TheSalt That Saves /Albert P. Shirkey
  • v.11ThePatience of Unanswered Prayer /Hampton Adams
  • v.11.Jesus Invites Investigation /Arthur L. James
  • v.11TheConstitution of the Kingdom /Russell V. DeLong
  • v.11.By What Does Man Live? /James M. Ferguson
  • v.11.Immortality /Raimundo De Ovies
  • v.11.Life's Intrinsic Values /Harold Cooke Phillipsv.12.Bearing Humanity's Burdens /David D. Baker
  • v.12.Consolation /George A. Buttrick
  • v.12.Jesus Said Father /Oscar Thomas Olson
  • v.12TheSin Against the Future /Wallace M. Alston
  • v.12TheAdequate Christ /John L. Hill
  • v.12Preparing for Christian Marriage /Warren D. Bowman
  • v.12.Coincidences /James Gordon Gilkey
  • v.12ANew Commandment /Charles Wesley Brasharesv.13ThePerils of Noonday /Clovis G. Chappell
  • v13ThePostive Use of Pain /Samuel M. Shoemaker
  • v.13.Priorities /Henry J. Cadbury
  • v.13.Mindless Loving and Heartless Thinking /Boynton Merrill
  • v.13.Contending for Peace /Conrad Bergendoff
  • v.13TheGlory of Religion /Theodore F. Adams
  • v.13TheChurch: Question and Answer /Stephen M. James
  • v.13TheIncreasing Christ /George W. Kemperv.14.What Think Ye of Christ? /Edward Hughes Pruden
  • v.14.Christ Alive! Man Alive! /Roger T. Nooe
  • v.14.Who Is A Christian? /James B. Chapman
  • v.14TheImportance of the Individual Christian /Paul W. Quillian
  • v.14.Bridgebuilding Brothers /Hobart D. McKeehan
  • v.12TheCross of St. Andrew /R. Franklin Thompson
  • v.14.God in History /John A. Redhead, Jr.
  • v.14.Strangers and Pilgrims /Paul E. Schererv.15.Where Man's Dominion Ends /Daniel A. Poling
  • v.15.Conquerors of Mountains /Claude W. Sprouse
  • v.15.Strength Measured by Weakness /Alexander P. Shaw
  • v.15.When Life Has Meaning /Joseph R. Sizoo
  • v.15.God's Gift Unspeakable /Robert G. Lee
  • v.15.At Our Wits' End /Frederick Keller Stamm
  • v.15TheAssent of the Soul /Clemens M. Granskou
  • v.15.Why Go to Church? /G. Ray Jordanv.16.Free Souls /Russell Henry Stafford
  • v.16.Heirs of Promise /Ralph W. Sockman
  • v.16.Earth's Four Greatest Values /Oscar F. Blackwelder
  • v.16.Christian Relationships /Harrison Ray Anderson
  • v.16.Can We By-Pass Jesus? /Allan A. Hunter
  • v.16.Outmatching Defeat /Cassius English Street
  • v.16.Faces About the Cross /Edgar DeWitt Jones
  • v.16.Where Two World's Meet /John S. Land

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