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Chappell -- gv.1AtChristian's Relation to His God /rA. R. Clippinger -- gv.1ThetEternalness of the Christ /rSamuel L. Joekel -- gv.1.tOverflowing Mercy /rAbdel Ross Wentz -- gv.1AtPeople Shall Be Created /rJohn S. Stamm00gv.2AtRemembered Word of the Lord Jesus /rRaymond Calkins -- gv.2ThetConqueror from Calvary /rClarence E. MaCartney -- gv.2.tIf I Sat Where They Sit /rEdgar DeWitt Jones -- gv.2ThetMirror /rLloyd C. Douglas -- gv.2.tAlways Pray /rTeunis E. Gouwens -- gv.2ThetChurch Faces This Year of Crisis /rE. Stanley Jones -- gv.2ThetUltimate Question /rTheodore F. Adams -- gv.2.tBeyond the Disconerting Facts /rBernard Iddings Bell00gv.3ThetBlind Beggar /rGeorge A. Buttrick -- gv.3.tHow Much Do We Care? /rG. Ray Jordan -- gv.3ThetHome Beautiful /rFrederick R. Daries -- gv.3ThetDeeper Remedy /rJustin Wroe Nixon -- gv.3.tIn the Hands of God /rErnest Fremont Tittle -- gv.3.tLife Never Says Please /rPaul E. Scherer -- gv.3.tJustice and Free Grace /rElbert Russell -- gv.3.tFinding Jesus /rWalter Pope Binns -- gv.4.rOn Being Responsible /rJ. Harry Cotton -- gv.4.tWhat Is "More than a Prophet"? /rEdwin McNeill Poteat -- gv.4.tWays of Life /rGeorge W. Richards -- gv.4.tCreative Freedom /rLynn Harold Hough -- gv.4.tIn Life's Storms /rJohn L. Hill -- gv.4.tWhat is God Doing Now? /rWalter Marshall Horton -- gv.4.tLife's Enriching Compulsions /rWilliam Orlando Carrington -- gv.4.tMy Brother's Keeper /rJohn A. Mackay00gv.5.tHumanity's Shortest, Wisest Creed /rAlbert W. Palmer -- gv.5.tThis is the Answer /rHenry Irving Rasmus -- gv.5.tGod and Man's Need /rStuart R. Oglesby -- gv.5.tWhat Do We Get out of Prayer? /rJohn M. Versteeg -- gv.5.tCan We Love Our Enemies Now? /rClyde V. Hickerson -- gv.5ThetDimensions of the Christian Life /rElmer George Homrighausen -- gv.5AtDogged Faith /rFrank B. Fagerburg -- gv.5.tAs We Behold His Glory /rLaurence H. Howe00gv.6.tWe Beheld His Glory /rRoy L. Smith -- gv.6.tThis Is Life Eternal /rJ. V. Moldenhawer -- gv.6.tChristianity's Message to the Modern World Good Tidings . . .to All People /rJames Gordon Gilkey -- gv.6.tCrisis-A Time of Opportunity /rPaul W. Quillian -- gv.6.tWe Have the Solution /rEdward Hughes Pruden-- gv.6.tCourage Without Hate /rOscar F. Blackwelder -- gv.6ThetNazareth Program /rStanley A. Hunter -- gv.6ThetFirst-Century Church-Its Missionary Passion /rStephen J. Corey00gv.7AntX-Ray Examination /rAlbert E. Day -- gv.7tLife as Pilgrimage /rHenry P. Van Dusen -- gv.7ThetPetition of Christian Optimists /rW. E. McMulloch -- gv.7.tVialiant Behavior /rHenry Hitt Crane -- gv.7ThetInner Life of the Church /rDouglas Horton -- gv.7.tJesus the Efficiency Expert /rGlenn Clark -- gv.7A.tTime To Be Teachable /rHampton Adams -- gv.7.tChrist the Co-ordinator /rRalph W. Sockman00gv.8ThetLost Sense of Wonder /rJoseph R. Sizoo -- gv.8.tDoes Prayer Make Any Difference? /rAlonzo Willard Fortune -- gv.8.tStay Through /rDaniel A. Poling -- gv.8.tBeyond the Old Frontiers /rRufus M. Jones -- gv.8.t"Blessed Is the Man That. . . " /rRichard C. Raines -- gv.8ThetGospel in the Rainbow /rAndrew W. Blackwood -- gv.8ThetArt of Reconciling Men /rAllan A. Hunter -- gv.8.tJesus Christ Is Lord /rRalph S. Cushman00gv.9.tLiving the Rest of Your Life /rFrank B. Fagerburg -- gv.9ThetDoer of Good /rJoseph Fort Newton -- gv.9AtPure Heart /rA. R. Clippinger -- gv.9.tContrasted Results from Life's Trials /rFrederick William Burnham -- gv.9.tSleeping Through a Revolution /rHalford E. Luccock -- gv.9ThetWay of Peace /rJohn S. Stamm -- gv.9.tUnvilling Missionaries /rJ. Wallace Hamilton -- gv.9.tWe the People /rWilliam M. Elliot, Jr.00gv.10.tGod's Care for the Individual /rErnest Fremont Tittle -- gv.10.tIn the Face of Fear /rLouie D. Newton -- gv.10ThetAche of the Soul /rLloyd Ellis Foster -- gv.10.tMake Friends Wisely /rEdwin McNeill Poteat -- gv.10.tRedemptive Suffering /rGeorge W. Richards -- gv.10.tYour Unknown Self /rClarence E. MaCartney -- gv.10.t"Never Shall the Cross Forsake Me" /rMorris Wee -- gv.10.tPreparing for a New Life /rGeorge C. Vincent00gv.11.tIt Is by Grace. . . /rHenry P. Van Dusen -- gv.11ThetSalt That Saves /rAlbert P. Shirkey -- gv.11ThetPatience of Unanswered Prayer /rHampton Adams -- gv.11.tJesus Invites Investigation /rArthur L. James -- gv.11ThetConstitution of the Kingdom /rRussell V. DeLong -- gv.11.tBy What Does Man Live? /rJames M. Ferguson -- gv.11.tImmortality /rRaimundo De Ovies -- gv.11.tLife's Intrinsic Values /rHarold Cooke Phillips00gv.12.tBearing Humanity's Burdens /rDavid D. Baker -- gv.12.tConsolation /rGeorge A. Buttrick -- gv.12.tJesus Said Father /rOscar Thomas Olson -- gv.12ThetSin Against the Future /rWallace M. Alston -- gv.12ThetAdequate Christ /rJohn L. Hill -- gv.12tPreparing for Christian Marriage /rWarren D. Bowman -- gv.12.tCoincidences /rJames Gordon Gilkey -- gv.12AtNew Commandment /rCharles Wesley Brashares00gv.13ThetPerils of Noonday /rClovis G. Chappell -- gv13ThetPostive Use of Pain /rSamuel M. Shoemaker -- gv.13.tPriorities /rHenry J. Cadbury -- gv.13.tMindless Loving and Heartless Thinking /rBoynton Merrill -- gv.13.tContending for Peace /rConrad Bergendoff -- gv.13ThetGlory of Religion /rTheodore F. Adams -- gv.13ThetChurch: Question and Answer /rStephen M. James -- gv.13ThetIncreasing Christ /rGeorge W. Kemper00gv.14.tWhat Think Ye of Christ? /rEdward Hughes Pruden -- gv.14.tChrist Alive! Man Alive! /rRoger T. Nooe -- gv.14.tWho Is A Christian? /rJames B. Chapman -- gv.14ThetImportance of the Individual Christian /rPaul W. Quillian -- gv.14.tBridgebuilding Brothers /rHobart D. McKeehan -- gv.12ThetCross of St. Andrew /rR. Franklin Thompson -- gv.14.tGod in History /rJohn A. Redhead, Jr. -- gv.14.tStrangers and Pilgrims /rPaul E. Scherer00gv.15.tWhere Man's Dominion Ends /rDaniel A. Poling -- gv.15.tConquerors of Mountains /rClaude W. Sprouse -- gv.15.tStrength Measured by Weakness /rAlexander P. Shaw -- gv.15.tWhen Life Has Meaning /rJoseph R. Sizoo -- gv.15.tGod's Gift Unspeakable /rRobert G. Lee -- gv.15.tAt Our Wits' End /rFrederick Keller Stamm -- gv.15ThetAssent of the Soul /rClemens M. Granskou -- gv.15.tWhy Go to Church? /rG. Ray Jordan00gv.16.tFree Souls /rRussell Henry Stafford -- gv.16.tHeirs of Promise /rRalph W. Sockman -- gv.16.tEarth's Four Greatest Values /rOscar F. Blackwelder -- gv.16.tChristian Relationships /rHarrison Ray Anderson -- gv.16.tCan We By-Pass Jesus? /rAllan A. Hunter -- gv.16.tOutmatching Defeat /rCassius English Street -- gv.16.tFaces About the Cross /rEdgar DeWitt Jones -- gv.16.tWhere Two World's Meet /rJohn S. Land aNVSS 1954 g v.1 aNVSS 1958 g v.2 aNVSS 1958 g v.3 aNVSS 1958 g v.4 aNVSS 1958 g v.5 aNVSS 1958 g v.6 aNVSS 1958 g v.7 aNVSS 1958 g v.8 aNVSS 1958 g v.9 aNVSS 1958 g v.10 aNVSS 1958 g v.11 aNVSS 1958 g v.12 aNVSS 1958 g v.13 aNVSS 1958 g v.14 aNVSS 1958 g v.15 aNVSS 1958 g v.16 zStacks00aSermons, American. aBV4241 .A65 V.1 1wLCc1iB001565663d4/4/2017f4/4/2017g6lSTACKS2mMAINq2rYsYtBOOKu8/16/1996 aBV4241 .A65 V.2 1wLCc1iB001565671d4/4/2017f4/4/2017g6lSTACKS2mMAINq2rYsYtBOOKu8/16/1996 aBV4241 .A65 V.3 1wLCc1iB001565689d4/4/2017f4/4/2017g6lSTACKS2mMAINq2rYsYtBOOKu8/16/1996 aBV4241 .A65 V.4 1wLCc1iB001565697d4/4/2017f4/4/2017g6lSTACKS2mMAINq2rYsYtBOOKu8/16/1996 aBV4241 .A65 V.5 1wLCc1iB001565702d4/4/2017f4/4/2017g6lSTACKS2mMAINq2rYsYtBOOKu8/16/1996 aBV4241 .A65 V.6 1wLCc1iB001565710d4/4/2017f4/4/2017g6lSTACKS2mMAINq2rYsYtBOOKu8/16/1996 aBV4241 .A65 V.7 1wLCc1iB001565728d4/4/2017f4/4/2017g6lSTACKS2mMAINq2rYsYtBOOKu8/16/1996 aBV4241 .A65 V.8 1wLCc1iB001565736d4/4/2017f4/4/2017g6lSTACKS2mMAINq2rYsYtBOOKu8/16/1996 aBV4241 .A65 V.9 1wLCc1iB001565744d4/4/2017f4/4/2017g6lSTACKS2mMAINq2rYsYtBOOKu8/16/1996 aBV4241 .A65 V.10 1wLCc1iB001565752d4/4/2017f4/4/2017g6lSTACKS2mMAINq2rYsYtBOOKu8/16/1996 aBV4241 .A65 V.11 1wLCc1iB001565760d4/4/2017f4/4/2017g6lSTACKS2mMAINq4rYsYtBOOKu8/16/1996 aBV4241 .A65 V.12 1wLCc1iB001565778d4/4/2017f4/4/2017g6lSTACKS2mMAINq2rYsYtBOOKu8/16/1996 aBV4241 .A65 V.13 1wLCc1iB001565786d4/4/2017f4/4/2017g6lSTACKS2mMAINq2rYsYtBOOKu8/16/1996 aBV4241 .A65 V.14 1wLCc1iB001565794d4/4/2017f4/4/2017g6lSTACKS2mMAINq2rYsYtBOOKu8/16/1996 aBV4241 .A65 V.15 1wLCc1iB001565809d4/4/2017f4/4/2017g6lSTACKS2mMAINq2rYsYtBOOKu8/16/1996 aBV4241 .A65 V.16 1wLCc1iB001566889d4/4/2017f4/4/2017g6lSTACKS2mMAINq2rYsYtBOOKu8/15/1996