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Atlas of the ancient Near East :

from prehistoric times to the Roman imperial period /

by Trevor Bryce ; with an introductory section on the prehistoric Near East by Jessie Birkett-Rees.

Main Author: Bryce, Trevor, 1940-
Other Authors: Birkett-Rees, Jessie.
Format: Map
Language: English
Subjects: Middle East > Civilization > To 622 > Maps.
Middle East > Historical geography > Maps.
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Table of Contents:
  • The geography and geology of the ancient Near East
  • Foragers and farmers: early agricultural communities
  • The prehistory of the Near East: key sites
  • The homelands of the major Near Eastern kingdoms
  • Writing systems
  • A sample of sites where important inscriptions have been found
  • Trade and mineral resources
  • The Sumerians
  • Uruk (Warka, biblical Erech)
  • Early dynastic and old kingdom Egypt
  • The Akkadian empire
  • Ur and the Ur III empire
  • The early and middle Bronze Age kingdoms of western Iran
  • The Amorites
  • The Isin and Larsa dynasties
  • The old Assyrian kingdom
  • The Assyrian merchant colonies
  • The Diyala region
  • The Habur (Khabur) river region
  • The old Babylonian kingdom
  • Mari
  • The cities and kingdoms of Syria in the middle and late Bronze Ages
  • The major late Bronze Age kingdoms
  • The Hittites
  • Arzawa and the Luwians
  • The Hurrians and Mitanni (Mittani)
  • The adventures of Idrimi
  • The middle Assyrian empire
  • Kassite Babylonia
  • Middle and new kingdom Egypt
  • The Canaanites
  • The Syro-Palestinian states attested in the Amarna letters
  • Hittites and Egyptians in conflict
  • Troy
  • Ahhiyawa
  • Bronze Age Cyprus
  • The sea peoples
  • The middle Elamite and Neo-Elamite periods
  • The age of iron
  • The Neo-Hittite kingdoms
  • Tabal, Hilakku and Que (Adanawa/Hiyawa)
  • The Neo-Assyrian empire
  • The Phoenicians
  • The Iron Age countries and kingdoms of Transjordan
  • The Philistines
  • 1st millennium BC Anatolia
  • Phrygia and Lydia
  • Urartu
  • The Cimmerians
  • Egypt in the Third Intermediate and Saite periods (1069-525 BC)
  • Aeolians, Ionians, Dorians
  • Two major Bronze Age-classical sites of western Anatolia
  • The countries of southern Asia Minor in the Graeco-Roman period
  • Lycia
  • The ten kingdoms of 1st millennium BC Cyprus
  • The Medes
  • The Neo-Babylonian empire
  • The Arabs
  • Armenia
  • The Persian (Achaemenid) empire
  • The Persian invasions of the western Greek world
  • Alexander the Great
  • The Hellenistic age
  • The Seleucid empire
  • The Attalid empire
  • Bactria
  • The Maccabean rebellion
  • Roman rule in the near East I: from the battle of Magnesia to the settlements of Pompey
  • Roman rule in the Near East II: from Pompey to Augustus
  • Herod the Great
  • Parthia
  • The Nabataeans
  • Roman rule in the Near East III: from Augustus to Trajan
  • The Sasanians
  • Zenobia
  • Roman rule in the Near East IV: from Diocletian to the Islamic invasions.

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