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Shagan and Debora Shuger, editors. 1aWaco, Texas :bBaylor University Press,c[2016] 4c©2016 axxxiv, 638 pages :billustrations ;c27 cm. atextbtxt2rdacontent aunmediatedbn2rdamedia avolumebnc2rdacarrier1 aDocuments of Anglophone Christianity aIncludes bibliographical references.00g[Part] I.tPre-Reformation/Late Medieval.tMiracles of our Blessed Lady /rAnonymous, 1496 --tSpousage of a virgin to Christ /rJohn Alcock, c. 1497 --tDoctrinal of death /rAnonymous, 1498 --tSermon of Doctor Colet, made to the convocation at Paul's /rJohn Colet, 1512 (preached and Latin ed.; English trans., 1530) --g[Part] II.tEnglish Reformation.tSupplication for the beggars /rSimon Fish, 1529 --tAnswer unto Sir Thomas More's Dialogue /rWilliam Tyndale, 1531 --tTestament of Master William Tracy, esquire, expounded both by William Tyndale and John Frith /rWilliam Tracy,rWilliam Tyndale,rJohn Frith, 1535 --tGodly meditation of the inward love of the Christian soul towards Christ our Lord (by Marguerite de Navarre) /rElizabeth Tudor, 1545 --tFaithful and most godly treatise concerning the most sacred sacrament of the blessed body and blood of our Savior Christ /rJohn Calvin, 1541 (preface and English trans., Miles Coverdale, 1548) --tApology of the Church of England /rJohn Jewel, 1562 (Latin ed.; English trans., Anne Bacon, 1564) --tThirty-Nine Articles, 1563, 1571 --tActs and monuments : the prefaces from the editions of 1563, 1570, 1576, 1583 ; the martyrdoms of Nicholas Ridley and Hugh Latimer, 1563 ; the martyrdom of three women and an infant at Guernsey 1563 /rJohn Foxe --00g[Part] III.tCeremonies.tThe form of prayers and ministration of the sacraments &c, used in the English congregation at Geneva /rJohn Knox,rWilliam Whittingham, et al., 1556 --tTo my loving brethren that is troubled about the popis apparel, two short and comfortable epistles /rAnthony Gilby, 1566 --tA brief examination for the time, of a certain declaration, lately put in print in the name and defense of certain ministers in London, refusing to wear the apparel prescribed by the laws and orders of the realm /rMatthew Parker, 1566 --tA view of popish abuses yet remaining in the English church, for the which godly ministers have refused to subscribe /rJohn Field, 1572 --tThe defense of the Answer to the "Admonition" against the reply of T. C. /rJohn Whitgift, 1574 --tOf the laws of ecclesiastical polity : 1593 (books I-IV), 1597 (Book V), 1648 (Book VI) /rRichard Hooker --00g[Part] IV.tEcclesiology.tAn admonition to the Parliament /rJohn Field,rThomas Wilcox, 1572 --tA treatise of reformation without tarrying for any /rRobert Browne, 1582 --tA brief discovery of the false church /rHenry Barrow, 1590 --tThe perpetual government of Christ's church /rThomas Bilson, 1593 --tThe laws of ecclesiastical polity : 1593 (Book III), 1648 (Book VIII) /rRichard Hooker --g[Part] V.tPredestination.tA golden chain, or the description of theology /rWilliam Perkins, 1591 --tA sermon preached at S. Paul's Cross /rSamuel Harsnett, 1594 (pub. 1658) --tA sermon preached at Paul's Cross, the sixth of February 1596 /rJohn Dove, 1597 --tThe Lambet articles and glosses, 1595; 1595-c. 1605 (pub. 1651) --00g[Part] VI.tCatholic Reformation and Counter-Reformation.tTwo notable sermons ... concerning the real presence of Christ's body and blood in the blessed sacrament /rThomas Watson, 1554 --tA perfect exposition of S. Peter's first epistle, in twenty treatises or sermons /rRoger Edgeworth, 1557 --tA defense and declaration of the Catholic Church's doctrine touching purgatory and prayers for the souls departed /rWilliam Allen, 1565 --tA brief discourse containing certain reasons why Catholics refuse to go to church /rRobert Parsons, 1580 --tA sum of Christian doctrine ... to which is adjoined the explication of certain questions /rHenry Garnett, c. 1592-1596 --tThe Jesuit's memorial for the intended reformation of England /rRobert Parsons, c. 1600 (pub. 1690) --00g[Part] VII.tPrimers, Prayers, and Psalms.tPrimers.tHore beate Marie virginis secundus usum insignis ecclesiae Sarum, 1507 --tThis primer in English and in Latin, 1536 --tGoodly primer /rWilliam Marshall, 1535 --tPrayers.tBook of Christian prayers, 1578 --gAppendix:tPomander of prayer /rThomas Becon, 1561 --tMonument of matrons /rThomas Bentley, 1582 --tPensive man's practice /rJohn Norden, 1584 & 1592 --tPsalms.tCertain psalms chosen out of the psalter of David, commonly called the vii penitential psalms, drawn into English meter /rSir Thomas Wyatt, c. 1536-1542 (pub. 1549) --tMeditation of a penitent sinner, written in manner of a paraphrase upon the 51 psalm of David /rAnne Lock, 1560 --tPsalms of David /rtrans. Mary Sidney Herbert, Countess of Pembroke --00g[Part] VIII. Pastoral Theology.t[Paramuthion] : two treatises of the comforting of an afflicted conscience /rRichard Greenham, c. 1580 (pub. 1598) --tLearned and comfortable sermon of the certainty and perpetuity of faith in the elect /rRichard Hooker, 1585 (pub. 1612) --tPlain man's pathway to heaven /rArthur Dent, 1601 --g[Part] IX.tProtestantism and the Social World.tSpiritus est vicarius Christi in terra. A treatise wherein dicing, dancing, vain plays or interludes with other idle pastimes [et]c. commonly used on the Sabbath day are reproved /rJohn Northbrooke, 1577 --tGodly exhortation and fruitful admonition to virtuous parents and modest matrons /rRichard Greenham, 1584 --tTheater of God's judgments /rThomas Beard, 1597 --tTreatise of the vocations, or callings of men /rWilliam Perkins, 1590s (pub. 1605) --g[Part] X.gConclusion.tRites of Durham /rWilliam Claxton (?), 1593. ahopkins 9/28/16 67.35 ftu LNS zStacks 0aEnglandxChurch historyy16th centuryvSources. 0aGreat BritainxHistoryyTudors, 1485-1603vSources.1 aShagan, Ethan H.,d1971-eeditor. 0aDocuments of Anglophone Christianity. aC0bNVS aBR750 .R445 2016wLCc1iB002979598d4/27/2019e3/9/2019f4/27/2019g2lSTACKS2mMAINn1rYsYtBOOKu9/30/2016