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Voices of the Reformation :

contemporary accounts of daily life /

John A. Wagner, editor.

Other Authors: Wagner, J. A.
Format: Book
Language: English
Series: Voices of an era.
Subjects: Reformation > Sources.
Church history > 16th century.
Europe > Religious life and customs.
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Table of Contents:
  • Evaluating and Interpreting Primary Documents
  • Chronology of the Protestant Reformation
  • Documents of the Reformation
  • Late Medieval Religion
  • 1. "Men Loaded with Gold and Clad in Purple": Criticisms of the Avignon Papacy (Mid-14th Century)
  • 2. "Such Evidence Should Satisfy No One": English Cleric John Wycliffe on the Eucharist and the Power of the Pope (1377, 1384)
  • 3. "God Will Help Thy Good Intent": The Imitation of Christ, the Devotio Moderna, and the Call for Reform (ca. 1420)
  • 4. "Wherefore Are Some Chosen and Others Cast Out?": The Reformation Foreshadowed in the Life and Preaching of Fra Girolamo Savonarola (1493, 1497)
  • 5. "May I Be Lost If in All of Luther's Works There Is a Single Syllable of Mine": Erasmus and His Circle React to Martin Luther and the Start of the German Reformation (1518, 1521)
  • Reformation in Germany
  • 6. "He Has Collected Many Heresies": The Edict of Worms (1521)
  • 7. "On Holy Easter There Was Neither Singing Nor Preaching": An Account of the Peasants' War (1525)
  • 8. "It Is Consistent with Scripture That We Should Be Free": The Twelve Articles of the Peasants (1525)
  • 9. "One Simple Truth and Christian Concord": The Augsburg Confession (1530)
  • 10. "Shall Let Them Quietly and Peacefully Enjoy Their Religion": The Peace of Augsburg (1555)
  • Martin Luther and Lutheranism
  • 11. "They Now Fish for the Riches of Men": Martin Luther's 95 Theses (1517)
  • 12. "So That We May Blow Down These Walls of Straw and Paper": Luther's Address to the Christian Nobility of the German Nation (1520)
  • 13. "From the Word I Would Not Depart": Martin Luther's Account of His Hearing before the Diet of Worms (1521)
  • 14. "This Damnable and Offensive Worm": Martin Luther and the King of England (1522, 1525)
  • 15. "Indulging in Nothing but Robbery, Murder, and Bloodshed": Martin Luther Reacts to the Peasants' War (1525)
  • Ulrich Zwingli, Anabaptism, and the Reformation in Switzerland
  • 16. "The Decree about Cheese and Butter Is a Roman Swindle": The 67 Articles Defended by Ulrich Zwingli (1523)
  • 17. "Baptism of Infants, the Supreme Abomination of the Roman Pontiff": The Schleitheim Confession (1527)
  • 18. "The Hangman Shall Dispute with You": An Account of the Trial and Execution of Michael Sattler (1527)
  • 19. "What Shame, Pray, Will Be Left Us?": Ulrich Zwingli's "Refutation of the Tricks of the Baptists" (1527)
  • 20. "He Compelled Me to Seize a Pen": Ulrich Zwingli's Letter to Joachim Vadian Concerning the Marburg Colloquy (1529)
  • John Calvin and Calvinism
  • 21. "A Question, in the Opinion of Many, Full of Perplexity": John Calvin on the Doctrine of Predestination (1536)
  • 22. "Taverns Shall Be Closed during the Sermon": Ordinances for the Regulation of the Churches Dependent Upon the Seigniory of Geneva (1547)
  • 23. "His Said Book Could Not Be Tollerated Even among Papists": The Charges Brought against Michael Servetus (1553)
  • 24. "He is a Monster Not to Be borne": John Calvin's Letters Describing the Arrest and Condemnation of Michael Servetus (1553)
  • 25. "Being of a Disposition Somewhat Unpolished and Bashful": John Calvin Describes His Conversion Experience (1557)
  • Reformation in England and Scotland
  • 26. "The Field Is Won": Sir Tomas More and the Defense of Papal Supremacy (1534-1535)
  • 27. "Jangled in Every Alehouse and Tavern": Henry VIII Implores His Subjects to Put Aside Religious Differences (1545)
  • 28. "My heart, Do Thine Office": The Execution of Scottish Reformer George Wishart (1546)
  • 29. "We Will Have ...": West Country Resistance to the New English Liturgy (1549)
  • 30. "That Horrible Monster Jezebel": Scottish Reformer John Knox Denounces the Queen of England and the Rule of Women (1558)
  • Catholic Reformation
  • 31. "We Will Remain Unvanquished": Catholic Women Resist the Reformers, The Short Chronicle of Jeanne de Jussie (ca. 1534)
  • 32. "Remember That You Are a Member of the Society of Jesus": The Work of the Jesuits in Europe and Without (1552,1597)
  • 33. "One Day the Eyes of His Soul Were Opened": The Autobiography of St. Ignatius of Loyola (1555)
  • 34. "Who Has Delivered Me from Myself": A Mystical Reformation, the Autobiography of Saint Teresa of Avila (1562)
  • 35. "Scandals and Stumbling-Blocks of the Faithful": Decrees of the Council of Trent on Purgatory, Relics, Images, and Clerical Concubines (1563)
  • Europe Divided, 1570-1600
  • 36. "They Threw the Body through the Window into the Courtyard": An Account of and Reactions to the Murder of French Protestants on St. Bartholomew's Day (1572)
  • 37. "The Letters of a Deceitful and Hypocritical King": Religion and War in the Netherlands (1580),1581)
  • 38. "Unless He Consent and Subscribe to These Articles Following": Archbishop John Whitgift's Articles for Uncovering Anglican Ministers of Presbyterian Inclination (1583)
  • 39. "The Wicked and Dangerous Practices of Seditious Sectaries": Dissenting from the English Via Media, Jesuits and Puritans (1585, 1593)
  • 40. "Obliterated and Forgotten, As If No Such Things Had Ever Happened": The Edict of Nantes, Ending the Wars of Religion in France (1598)
  • Biographical Sketches of Important Individuals Mentioned in Text
  • Glossary of Terms Mentioned in Text
  • Comparison of Catholic and Protestant Positions of Key Doctrines
  • Sixteenth-Century Monarchs and Popes.

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