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On moral medicine :

theological perspectives in medical ethics /

edited by M. Therese Lysaught & Joseph J. Kotva, Jr. with Stephen E. Lammers & Allen Verhey.

Other Authors: Lysaught, M. Therese.
Format: Book
Language: English
Published: Grand Rapids, Mich. : W.B. Eerdmans Pub. Co., 2012
Edition: 3rd ed.
Subjects: Medical ethics.
Medicine > Religious aspects.
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Table of Contents:
  • Secularization of American medicine /Roy Branson
  • New synthesis : alternative medicine's challenge to mainstream medicine and traditional Christianity /Sidney Callahan
  • Illness, the problem of evil, and the analogical structure of healing : on the difference Christianity makes in bioethics /George Khushf
  • Money and the medical profession /William F. May
  • Conceptualizing religion : how language shapes and constrains knowledge in the study of religion and health /Daniel E. Hall, Harold G. Koenig, and Keith G. Meador
  • Salvation and health : why medicine needs the church /Stanley Hauerwas
  • Theology confronts technology and the life sciences /James M. Gustafson
  • Theologians and bioethics : some history and a proposal /Lisa Sowle Cahill
  • European-American ethos and principlism : an African-American challenge /Cheryl J. Sanders
  • Bioethics in a liberationist key /Márcio Fabri dos Anjos
  • Bioethics and religion : some unscientific footnotes /Stephen E. Lammers
  • Bible and bioethics : some problems and a proposal /Allen Verhey
  • General introduction and part one of Ethical and religious directives for Catholic health care services, fourth edition /U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops
  • Corporate physician's oath /David Schiedermayer
  • Sick of being poor /Teresa Maldonado
  • Bible and Christian convictions /Willard M. Swartley
  • Christian and Anabaptist legacy in healthcare /John D. Roth
  • Catholic social teaching and the allocation of healthcare /Catholic Bishops' Joint Bioethics Committee
  • Health, healing, and social justice : insights from liberation theology /Paul Farmer
  • Body without borders /Joel Shuman and Brian Volck
  • Listening to women of color with breast cancer : theological and ethical insights for U.S. healthcare and keeping it real while staying out of the loony bin : social ethics for healthcare systems /Aana Vigen
  • Starting a free clinic in a rural area : people in a small Kentucky town pool their talents to solve the access problem /William R. Grimes
  • Parish nursing : a new specialty /Abigail Rian Evans
  • Austin Heights and AIDS /Kyle Childress
  • Reform and rationing : reflections on health care in light of Catholic social teaching /B. Andrew Lustig
  • Summary of Catholic principles for health-care justice /Philip S. Keane
  • Honor the physician /Sirach 38:1-15
  • Hippocratic oath /
  • Hippocratic oath insofar as a Christian may swear it /
  • Doctor's oath and a Christian swearing it /Allen Verhey
  • Physician's covenant /William F. May
  • Nurse's profession /Florence Nightingale
  • Christian vision of nursing and persons /Mary Molewyk Doornbos ... [et al.]
  • Hospital chaplaincy as agapeic intervention /Joseph J. Kotva Jr.
  • Spiritual morphine : the delusory hope of dying on your own terms /Kristina Robb Dover
  • Christian pastor's role in medical ethics : in the pew and at the bedside /Joseph J. Kotva Jr.
  • Strangers or friends? A proposal for a new spirituality-in-medicine ethic /Farr A. Curlin and Daniel E. Hall
  • Daniel /Margaret E. Mohrmann
  • AIDS and the professions of healing : a brief inquiry /Stephen E. Lammers
  • Exousia : healing with authority in the Christian tradition /Daniel P. Sulmasy
  • Empowerment in the clinical setting /Karen Lebacqz
  • Will to be healthy /Karl Barth
  • Thorn-in-the-flesh decision making : a Christian overview of the ethics of treatment /Richard J. Mouw
  • Luke 10:25-37
  • Four indicators of humanhood : the enquiry matures /Joseph F. Fletcher
  • Preface to The patient as person /Paul Ramsey
  • Reflections on the moral status of the pre-embryo /Thomas A. Shannon and Allan B. Wolter
  • Three views on the preimplantation embryo /Michael R. Panicola
  • Again, who is a person? /Oliver O'Donovan
  • Who is my neighbor? The good Samaritan as a source for theological anthropology /Ian A. McFarland
  • Must a patient be a person to be a patient? Or, my uncle Charlie is not much of a person but he is still my uncle Charlie /Stanley Hauerwas
  • Terra es animata : on having a life /Gilbert Meilaender
  • Who/se we are : baptism as personhood /Keith G. Meador and Joel James Shuman
  • Genesis 2:7; John 1:1-4, 14; 1 Corinthians 6:19-20
  • Ode on a plastic stapes /Chad Walsh
  • Bioethics, the body, and the legacy of bacon /Gerald P. Mckenny
  • Embodiment and moral critique : a Christian social perspective /Lisa Sowle Cahill
  • Health is membership /Wendell Berry
  • Organ transplants : death, dis-organ-ization, and the need for religious ritual /Allen D. Verhey
  • Harvesting the living? Separating brain death and organ transplantation /Courtney S. Campbell
  • Surgical Ward /W.H. Auden
  • School of suffering /Bradley Hanson
  • AIDS and the Church /Earl E. Shelp and Ronald H. Sunderland
  • Stories and suffering /Margaret E. Mohrmann
  • Patient suffering and the anointing of the sick /M. Therese Lysaught
  • Practicing patience : how Christians should be sick /Stanley Hauerwas and Charles Pinches
  • Darkness /Kathryn Greene-McCreight
  • Psychology as faith /Robert Coles
  • Between the priestly doctor and the myth of mental illness /Ian S. Evison
  • Crazy in the streets /Paul S. Appelbaum
  • Afflicting the afflicted : total institutions /William F. May
  • Community and friendship : the church as liberating community /John Swinton
  • Urgency dilemma : is life extension research a temptation or a test? /Aubrey D.N.J. de Grey
  • Age-based rationing of life-sustaining health care /John F. Kilner
  • Why do we want to be healthy? Medicine, autonomous individualism, and the community of faith /Dennis Sansom
  • Language of death : theology and economics in conflict /D. Stephen Long
  • Ruth's resolve : what Jesus' great-grandmother may teach about bioethics and care /Amy Laura Hall
  • Memory and canonicity /David Keck
  • Encountering the disabled god /Nancy L. Eiesland
  • Human dignity in the absence of agency /Hans S. Reinders
  • Unremitting compassion : the moral psychology of parenting children with genetic disorders /Richard B. Steele
  • Love without boundaries : theological reflections on parenting a child with disabilities /Thomas E. Reynolds
  • Welcoming the unexpected guests to the banquet /Brett Webb-Mitchell
  • Body of Christ has Downs Syndrome : theological reflections on vulnerability, disability, and the graceful communities /John Swinton
  • Vivisection /C.S. Lewis
  • Philosophical reflections on experimenting with human subjects /Hans Jonas
  • Globalizing human subjects research /Adriana Petryna
  • Use of Zairian children in HIV vaccine experimentation : a cross-cultural study in medical ethics /Thomas A. Nairn
  • Plea for beneficence : reframing the embryo debate /Ted Peters and Gaymon Bennett
  • Theologians brief /David Jones ... [et al.]
  • Ethics of human stem cell research /Gene Outka
  • Stem cells and social ethics : some Catholic contributions /Lisa Sowle Cahill
  • Price to pay /Amy Laura Hall
  • Cloning the human body /Stanley Hauerwas and Joel Shuman
  • What would you do if ... ? Human embryonic stem cell research and the defense of the innocent /M. Therese Lysaught
  • Genesis 1:26-27; Psalm 8; Matthew 6:25-32
  • Respect for life /Karl Barth
  • Alien dignity : the legacy of Helmut Thielicke for bioethics /Karen Lebacqz
  • Toward freedom from value /Richard Stith
  • Suffering, the body, and Christianity : the early Christians lived the theological basis of Catholic health care /James F. Keenan
  • Bioethics and the church : technology, martyrdom, and the moral significance of the ordinary /Chris K. Huebner
  • Mark 10:13-16
  • What are children for? /Joel James Schuman and Brian Volck
  • Introduction to a memoir of Mary Ann : by the Dominican nuns who took care of her /Flannery O'Connor
  • Being Mickey's doctor /Margaret E. Mohrmann
  • Pastoral concerns : parental anxiety and other issues of character /Joseph J. Kotva Jr.
  • Medicine and the birth of defective children : approaches of the ancient world /Darrel W. Amundsen
  • Death of infant Doe : Jesus and the neonates /Allen Verhey
  • Biblical faith and the loss of children /Bruce C. Birch
  • Parents and children /Karl Barth
  • Human life and human love /James T. Burtchaell
  • Beyond the liberal/conservative divide on contraception : the wisdom of practitioners of natural family planning and artificial birth control /Julie Hanlon Rubio
  • Procreation, the development of peoples, and the final destiny of humanity /David M. McCarthy
  • Pill is like, DDT? An agrarian perspective on pharmaceutical birth control /Elizabeth Bahnson
  • Whose bodies? Which selves? Appeals to embodiment in assessments of reproductive technology /Paul Lauritzen
  • Ethical challenge of the new reproductive technology /Sidney Callahan
  • Faith and infertility /Maura A. Ryan
  • A.R.T., ethics, and the Bible /Allen Verhey
  • Theology and the morality of procreative choice /Beverly Wildung Harrison
  • Catholic legacy and abortion : A debate /Daniel C. Maguire and James T. Burtchaell
  • Ahead to our past : abortion and Christian texts /Michael J. Gorman
  • Women of color and reproductive choice : combating the population paradigm /Andy Smith
  • Abortion and the sexual agenda : a case for pro-life feminism /Sidney Callahan
  • Abortion, theologically understood /Stanley Hauerwas
  • Question of abortion : Christian virtue and government legislation /Joseph J. Kotva Jr.
  • Mother and father /David L. Schiedermayer
  • Ethical standards for genetic intervention /James C. Peterson
  • Justice and genetics : whose Holy Grail? /Maura Ryan
  • Moral and religious implications of genetic control /Paul Ramsey
  • To form a more perfect union : mainline Protestantism and the popularization of eugenics /Amy Laura Hall
  • Human Genome Project as soteriological project /Robert Song
  • That deep surface : the Human Genome Project and the death of the human /Bronislaw Szerszynski
  • Desperately seeking perfection : Christian discipleship and medical genetics /Joel Shuman
  • Playing God and invoking a perspective /Allen Verhey
  • Psalm 88; Psalm 22; Romans 8:18-39; 1 Corinthians 15:20-26, 36-57
  • Lament for a son /Nicolas Wolterstorff
  • Sacral power of death in contemporary experience /William F. May
  • Indignity of death with dignity /Paul Ramsey
  • Keeping body and soul together /Oliver O'Donovan
  • Dying well in historical perspective : the Ars Moriendi tradition of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries /Christopher P. Vogt
  • Learning how to die well : lessons from the ancient church /Vigen Guroian
  • Physician-assisted suicide : flight from compassion /Richard A. McCormick
  • Case for physician-assisted suicide? /James F. Keenan
  • Reflection /Karen Lebacqz
  • Dignified dying /Hans Küng
  • Rational suicide and reasons for living /Stanley Hauerwas
  • Whose life is it anyway? Ours, thats whose! /Gloria Maxson
  • Case of Baby Rena /Vigen Guroian
  • Catholic spirituality and medical interventions in dying /James F. Bresnahan
  • Catholic tradition on forgoing life support /Kevin D. O'Rourke
  • Having enough faith not to be healed /John D. Brunt
  • House calls on Cardinal Jackson /David Schiedermayer
  • God will find a way /Margaret E. Mohrmann
  • Who decides? /Gilbert Meilaender
  • What shall we do with Norman? An experiment in communal discernment /Curtis W. Freeman
  • Love your enemies : toward a Christoform bioethic /M. Therese Lysaught.

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