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Norton,cc2010. axxviii, 960 p. ;c25 cm. aIncludes bibliographical references.00gpt.ITHEtBEGINNINGS OF AFRICAN AMERICAN PREACHING: 1750-1789 -- tLetter Upon the Doctrine of the Extent of the Atonement of Christ /rJohn Chavis -- gAntAddress: Delivered Before the Coloured Population, of Providence Rhode Island on Thanksgiving Day, November 27, 1828 /rHosea Easton -- tUniversal Salvation: gAtVery Eminent Doctrine; with Some Account of the Life and Character of its Author: gAtSermon Delivered at Rutland, West Parish in the Year 1805 /rLemuel Haynes -- tExcerpts of Sermons /rJohn Jea -- gAtThanksgiving Sermon, Preached January 1, 1808, In St. Thomas's or the African Episcopal, Church, Philadelphia: On Account of the Abolition of the African Slave Trade, on THAT Day, By the Congress of the United States /rAbsolom Jones -- gAtSermon Preached on the 24th Day of June 1789, Being the Festival of St. John the Baptist, at the Request of the Right Worshipful the Grand Master Prince Hall, and the Rest of the Brethren of the African Lodge of the Honorable Society of Free and Accepted Masons in Boston /rJohn Marrant -- gThetFuneral Sermon of Mary Henery /rGeorge White -- gpt.II.tSOCIAL AND RELIGIOUS EMANCIPATION: 1790-1865 -- gAntAddress to Those Who Keep Slaves and Approve the Practice /rRichard Allen -- gThetShadow of a Great Rock in a Weary Land /rBrother Carper -- gThetRiver of the Water of Life /rBrother Carper -- gThetDestined Superiority of the Negro /rAlexander Crummell -- tWhat, to the Slave, is the Fourth of July? /rFrederick Douglass -- tReceiving the Call to Preach /rJarena Lee -- tOn Christian Marriage /rZilpha Elaw -- tWomen in the Gospel /rJulia A. J. Foote -- gAtThreshing Sermon /rJulia A. Foote -- gAtWord to My Christian Sisters /rJulia A. J. Foote -- tChristian Perfection /rJulia A. J. Foote -- gAntAddress on the Occasion of the Abolition of Slavery in New-York /rNathaniel Paul -- gThetPosition and Duties of the Colored People /rJames William Charles Pennington -- tWhy Sit Ye Here and Die? /rMaria W. Stewart -- tWhat If I Am a Woman? /rMaria W. Stewart -- tKeeping the Thing Going While Things Are Stirring /rSojourner Truth -- tAr'n't I a Woman? /rSojourner Truth -- gpt.III.tFROM RECONSTRUCTION TO DECONSTRUCTION: 1866-1917 -- tBehold the Man /rHarriet A. Cole Baker -- tAll We Ask is Equal Laws, Equal Legislation, and Equal Rights /rRichard Harvey Cain -- gAtGospel Church /rRichard R. DeBaptiste -- tAddress to Twenty-Third General Conference of the AME Church /rWilliam Benjamin Derrick -- gThetDuty of Baptists to Home Missions /rElijah John Fisher -- gAtGospel Message of Hope /rGarfield T. Haywood -- gThetSong of Believers /rLucius H. Holsey -- tDe Sun Do Move /rJohn Jasper -- tSpeech Delivered in Liberty Hall /rEmily Christmas Kinch -- tEmancipation Oration /rEmanuel King Love -- tUnderstanding the Times and Knowing What to Do /rWilliam Henry Moses -- tPresidential Address to the National Baptist Convention /rElias Camp Morris -- tSpeech Before the Ohio Baptist Pastor's Union /rJames Preston Poindexter -- gThetCrime of Buying and Selling Votes /rJames Preston Poindexter -- tEducation and the Race Problem /rJoseph Charles Price -- tIf We Work Six Days, the Seventh is the Sabbath /rMary Lena Lewis Tate -- tGod is a Negro /rHenry McNeal Turner -- gThetFugitive Slave Bill Speech /rSamuel Ringgold Ward -- tCharacter /rSamuel Ringgold Ward -- gpt.IV.tWORLD WARS, FREEDOM STRUGGLES, AND RENAISSANCE: 1918-1950 -- tReceive Ye the Holy Ghost /rWilliam Joseph Seymour -- tDivine Warning /rNoble Drew Ali -- tExcerpts from The Divine Instructions from the Holy Prophet /rNoble Drew Ali -- tWho Is Your God /rCalvin P. Dixon -- tGoodbye to Chain Stores, Part I /rJ. M. Gates -- tPay Your Policy Man /rJ. M. Gates -- tHell Bound Express Train /rJ. M. Gates -- gThetWounds of Jesus /rZora Neale Hurston -- tTransfigured Moments /rVernon Johns -- gThetCreation /rJames Weldon Johnson -- tWork, Business, and Religion /rMordecai Wyatt Johnson -- gThetBattle Royal: gAtContention for the Faith Once Delivered to the Saints (Jude 25) /rCharles Price Jones -- gThetKaiser in the Light of the Scriptures /rCharles Harrison Mason -- gThetBlack Diamond Express to Hell, Parts 1-6 /rA. W. Nix -- gThetAmerican Tower of Babel, or, Confusion of Tongues Over the Negro /rReverdy Cassius Ransom -- tPersonal Purity: Advice to Young People and Mothers, Secrets Kept from Children, Facts for Boys and Girls 12 to 20 years /rLizzie Woods Robinson-- tHeaven's Christmas Tree /rCharles Albert Tindley -- tGod Ahead for 1926 /rLacey Kirk Williams -- -- gpt.V.tCIVIL RIGHTS AND DIRECT ACTION: 1951-1968 -- tHandicapped Lives /rWilliam Holmes Borders -- gThetMeasure of a Man /rTimothy Moses Chambers -- gThetEagle Stirreth Her Nest /rC. L. (Clarence LaVaughn) Franklin -- tI've Been to the Mountaintop /rMartin Luther King Jr. -- gThetBallot or the Bullet /rMalcolm X (El Hajj Malik El-Shabazz) -- tGreat God Our King /rJoseph Harrison Jackson -- tEulogy for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. /rBenjamin Elijah Mays -- tDays of Waiting /rJesse Jai McNeil -- tLord, Teach Us to Pray /rHoward Thurman -- gpt.VI.tFROM BLACK TO AFRICAN AMERICAN AND BEYOND: 1969 TO THE PRESENT -- tChaos or Creation /rCharles Gilchrist Adams -- gAntUneven Hand /rCharles E. Booth -- tBeing a Black Catholic /rThea Bowman -- tProphets for a New Day /rKatie Geneva Cannon -- gThetWorms Got Him /rCaesar Arthur Walker Clark Sr. -- tDear Enemy, I Love You /rJohnnie Colemon -- t"Why Are You Here?" /rClaudette A. Copeland -- tCurse Not the Rich /rFrederick Joseph Eikerenkoetter -- tToward a More Perfect Union /rLouis Farrakhan -- tSpiritual Renewal: Good News for the Poor /rJames Alexander Forbes Jr. -- tOuter Turmoil, Inner Strength /rPeter J. Gomes -- tBetween the Wilderness and a Cliff /rPrathia L. Hall -- gAtCircle of Concern /rBarbara C. Harris -- tWhat You Have When You Have Jesus /rEdward Victor Hill -- tKeep Hope Alive /rJesse Louis Jackson -- gThetGathering of America /rThomas Dexter (T. D.) Jakes -- tDealing With Disciples /rMiles Jerome Jones -- gAntAnatomy of Forgiveness /rWilliam Augustus Jones Jr. -- tKeep the Pressure On /rVashti Murphy McKenzie -- tAll Flesh is Eligible! /rElla Muriel Pearson Mitchell -- gThetEnemy Inside Your Mind /rPaul S. Morton Sr. -- gAtProphetic Witness in an Anti-Prophetic Age /rOtis Moss Jr. -- tMale and Female He Created Them /rAnna Pauli Murray -- tGod's Cure for Racism and Loneliness /rGilbert E. Patterson -- tHow God Sees the Races /rFrederick K. C. Price -- gThetBottom Line /rSamuel DeWitt Proctor -- gThetTestimony of a Towel /rSandy F. Ray -- gThetDeath of Hope /rFrederick G. Sampson II -- tHeavenly Grace and Human Response /rManuel L. Scott Sr. -- tHis Own Clothes /rGardner Calvin Taylor -- tNot...yet /rRenita Weems -- tGod at the Midnight Ball /rJasper Williams Jr. -- gThetDay of Jerusalem's Fall /rJeremiah A. Wright Jr. -- tWhooping: gThetMusicality of African American Preaching Past and Present /rMartha Simmons -- tOther Notable Preachers aBT 9-17-10 26.55 ftu ny zStacks 0aSermons, AmericanxAfrican American authors.1 aSimmons, Martha J.1 aThomas, Frank A.q(Frank Anthony),d1955- aC0bNVS aBV4241.5 .P75 2010wLCc1iB002810524d10/28/2019e10/28/2019f10/25/2019g17kCHECKEDOUTlSTACKS2mMAINn21p$45.00q16rMsYtBOOKu8/10/2010