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The Apostolic Era -- gThetSermon on the Mount /rJesus of Nazareth -- gThetPentecost Sermon /rSt. Peter -- tAt Antioch and Athens /rSt. Paul -- tChrist and the Church /rClement of Rome -- gpt.II"AND THEY WENT FORTH AND PREACHED EVERYWHERE" The Church Fathers -- tExodus Homily 3 /rOrigen -- tHomily 20 tSt. John Chrysostom -- tHomily 7: On the Creating of Crawling Creatures /rSt. Basil the Great -- tOn the First Day of Creation /rSt. Ambrose -- tTo the Newly Baptized: On the Eucharist and On Charity /rSt. Augustine of Hippo -- tHomily 25 /rSt. Gregory the Great00gpt.III.t"GREAT WAS THE COMPANY OF THE PREACHERS" The Medieval Pulpit -- gAtSlave in Ireland /rSt. Patrick -- tOn the Beginning of Lent /rCaesarius of Arles -- gThetMeeting of Mercy and Justice /rThe Venerable Bede -- tHomily 2: gThetEnd of the World /rAnon -- tVarious Meanings of the Kiss /rSt. Bernard of Clairvaux -- tVision Seven: gThetDevil /rHildegard of Bingen -- tSt. Francis Preaches to the Birds /rSt. Francis of Assisi -- tOn the Apostles' Creed /rSt. Thomas Aquinas -- gThetFeast of the Holy Trinity /rMeister Johannes Eckhart -- tTaking Up the Cross /rThomas à Kempis -- tOn Proverbs /rJacob Anatoli -- gpt.IV.t"BEHOLD I WILL MAKE MY WORDS IN THY MOUTH FIRE, AND THIS PEOPLE WOOD, AND IT SHALL DEVOUR THEM" Rebirth, Reform and Counter Reform -- tBalaam's Ass /rFra Girolamo Savonarola -- tDependence Upon Divine Mercy /rSt. John Fisher -- tSermon on the Raising of Lazarus /rMartin Luther -- tSermon of the Plow and Duties and Respect of Judges /rHugh Latimer -- tI know My Redeemer Lives /rJohn Calvin -- t"O Lord Our God, Other Lords Besides Thee Have Ruled Us" /rJohn Knox00gpt.V.t"WHEN PULPITS DID LIKE BEACONS FLAME" The Seventeenth Century -- gAtCold Coming /rLancelot Andrewes -- tDeath's Duel /rJohn Donne -- gThetGood Witch Must Also Die /rWilliam Perkins -- gAtWife Mistaken, or a Wife and No Wife /rThomas Grantham -- tLust for Revenge /rJeremy Taylor -- gThetLast Words of the Archbishop of Canterbury /rWilliam Laud -- tMr. Bunyan's Last Sermon /rJohn Bunyan -- tOf Submission to the Divine Will /rIsaac Barrow -- tFuneral Oration for Louis Bourbon, Prince of Condé /rJacques Bénigne Bossuet -- tSecond Farar Eulogy: "The Tsaddiq Is Lost" /rSaul Levi Morteira -- gpt.VI.t"ERRAND INTO THE WILDERNESS" Colonial America -- gAtModel of Christian Charity /rJohn Winthrop -- tThanksgiving /rCotton Mather -- tSinners in the Hands of an Angry God /rJonathan Edwards00gpt.VII.t"REACH YE UPON THE HOUSETOPS" Eighteenth-Century England and Europe -- tAgainst Evil-Speaking /rJohn Tillotson -- tUpon Sleeping in Church /rJonathan Swift -- gThetProdigal Son /rLaurence Sterne -- tAll Is Vanity /rSamuel Johnson -- gThetGreat Assize /rJohn Wesley -- tAwake, Thou That Sleepest /rCharles Wesley -- gThetLost Princess /rRabbi Nachman of Bratislava -- tEulogy for Empress Maria Theresa /rEzekiel Landau -- gpt.VIII"THEtBRINGING OF TRUTH THROUGH PERSONALITY" The Nineteenth Century -- tOn the Eve of the Day of Atonement /rIsaac Meir Rothenberg -- tBeware If You Have No Temptations /tSt. Jean Baptiste Marie Vianney -- gAtSermon of Slavery /rTheodore Parker -- tStewardship /rCharles Grandison Finney -- t"Pray Without Ceasing" /rRalph Waldo Emerson -- tSpared! /rHenry Ward Beecher -- gAndtJoseph and His Mother Marveled /rGerald Manley Hopkins -- gThetPowers of Nature and Holiness Necessary for Future Blessedness /tJohn Henry Newman -- tDe Sun Do Move /rJohn J. Jasper -- gThetFire and the Calf /rPhillips Brooks -- tCome /rDwight Lyman Moody -- tPerseverance /rSabine Baring-Gould -- tGod and Evolution /rWilliam Jennings Bryan00gpt.IX.t"WOE IS UNTO ME IF I PREACH NOT THE GOSPEL" The Twentieth Century -- tHeaven /rBilly Sunday -- gThetJudas Sermon /rDietrich Bonhoeffer -- gThetCreed in Slow Motion /rRonald Knox -- tMembership /rC. S. Lewis -- tLoneliness and Solitude /rPaul Tillich -- tSaved by Grace /rKarl Barth -- gThetDimensions of a Complete Life /rMartin Luther King, Jr. -- gThetChurch Must Go Beyond Modernism /rHarry Emerson Fosdick -- gThetWheat and the Tares /rReinhold Niebuhr -- gThetProfessed Atheist and the Verbal Theist /rHarry Austryn Wolfson -- tThis World and the Beyond /rRudolf Bultmann -- gThetBeatitudes /rFulton J. Sheen -- gThetBook of Job /rArchibald MacLeish -- tDachau Sermon: Maundy Thursday, March 29, 1945 /rMartin Niemöller -- tExcept I Shall See in His Hands the Print of the Nails and Thrust My Hand into His Side /rC. L. Franklin -- tAll Saints and All Souls Day /rKarl Rahner -- gpt.X.t"WHO WILL GO FOR US?" Living Preachers -- gThetProdigal Son /rBilly Graham -- tHomily at Lourdes /rJohn Paul II -- tZeebrugge Ferry Disaster /rRobert Runcie -- tAlex's Death /rWilliam Sloane Coffin, Jr. -- gThetHungering Dark /rFrederick Buechner -- gThetGreatest Saint of Modern Times /rJean-Marie Lustiger -- tWhat Jesus Means to Me /rDesmond Tutu -- gThetInvisible Reality of Hope /rPeter J. Gomes aB&T 7-18-00 20.65 ftu RLA zStacks 0aSermons, American.1 aThornton, John F.,d1942-1 aWashburn, Katharine aX0bNVS aBV4241 .T65 1999 1wLCc1iB002062155d5/3/2017e10/26/2015f5/3/2017g6lSTACKS2mMAINn4p$20.65q4rYsYtBOOKu7/14/2000